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How To Feel Good About Our Homes

As we scroll through social media we see images after images of picture perfect homes, beautifully designed, impeccably clean, and completely picture perfect. And how amazing is that? We see snippets of inspiration and design ingenuity. It allows us to dream and aspire to creativity. But sometimes it can become a double edged sword. It is all too easy to get bogged down about our homes after spending hours and hours trawling through social media.

We all allow ourselves to slip into house envy and even house jealously after a while. Images after images of perfect snapshots and vignettes can bear down on us and make us feel dissatisfied about our own spaces. Or even worse it can make us question why our house is never this picture perfect.

We are all victims of comparing ourselves with others. This is one of the perils of social media, but we really need to remind ourselves that not everything we see on social is as is.

Nobody's home looks picture perfect all the time. Every image is staged and styled to showcase beauty and design but it is just a snapshot, a single stagnant moment captured in time. It is not reality. The one thing we cannot capture in an image is the dynamic reality of our homes.

We should own the movement and the momentum of our homes and take pride and joy in the dynamic side of it all. Even the most beautifully designed homes looked lived in and slightly off the mark in real time. And honestly it really does not matter if our homes are kept in spick and span condition every second of every day. We need to give ourselves the freedom to step away for a while and just breath and let things be for a while. And not make any other excuse other than the fact that we are just living in our own space.

Homes were never designed to be static, they are designed to be constantly changing and evolving and growing as we do.

Nowhere does it say that everything has to be picture perfect all the time, this is just social media making us think and feel that perfection is the end all and be all. We really shouldn't be adding pressure on ourselves to maintain this impossible ideal of perfection.

Our home is our home, it captures the very essence of our being and who we are. It is where we display our most prized possessions and explore our personalities and where we should feel the most safe and relaxed. Our homes are our own little museums giving people a peak into our true selves.

By all means look at images for inspiration, for ideas and guidance, but at the end of it all it is important we make sure that we feel at ease and comfortable in our spaces that already exist. We should take great pride in our home, it all its weird and wonderful manifestations. It is our little stamp on the surface of this entire planet. It is designed for us, by us.


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