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The Candle Edit | Loriest & Co's Captivating Seasonal Scents

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As winter takes its chilly grip, people like to find solace in the warm flickers of candlelight, transforming homes into cosy sanctuaries during the season's longest nights. Loriest & Co, renowned candlemakers, capture the essence of winter with a trio of enchanting aromatic candles, each highlighting traditional craftsmanship and sustainable expertise. These candles not add a touch of light to spaces but also seamlessly connect the beauty of the outdoors with the comforts of home.

Notes of December: A Symphony of Evergreen Elegance

In the midst of December's chill, Loriest & Co introduces the ‘Notes of December’ scented candle. This exquisite candle captures the opulence of an evergreen forest, blending with pine and spruce, and bathed in the gentle glow of winter sunshine. The result is a joyful woody scent that uplifts any room, desks, coffee tables, and entrance halls alike. Let the essence of December envelop your space, bringing the serenity of nature indoors.

winter candle style and form interior design blog

Image: Notes Of December Candle. Buy here

winter candle style and form interior design blog

Notes of January: A Fresh Start Every Morning

Welcoming in the new year, the ‘Notes of January’ scented candle embraces the arrival of a fresh beginning. Infused with the cleansing aromas of rosemary and thyme, this candle invigorates homes and sets a delightful tone for the day. Picture lighting it at breakfast on dark January mornings, as the herbal notes dance through the air, creating a sensorial experience that transforms any table into a haven of renewal and freshness.

winter candle style and form interior design blog

Image: Notes Of January Candle. Buy here

winter candle style and form interior design blog

Notes of February: A Prelude to Spring

As winter's grip begins to loosen, Loriest & Co's ‘Notes of February’ scented candle brings the romanticism of the first shoots. This light floral amber scent elegantly fills a room, offering a gentle reassurance that spring is surely on the way. Calm and graceful, the fragrance positions itself luxuriously in bedrooms or takes centre stage on coffee tables. Embrace the shifting season with a scent that whispers of growth, light, and the impending burst of colour.

winter candle style and form interior design blog

Image: Notes Of January Candle. Buy here

winter candle style and form interior design blog

Loriest & Co's winter collection is more than a mere indulgence; it's an invitation to cocoon yourself in the essence of the season. Crafted with care and sustainability in mind, these candles elevate the ordinary, elevating the winter experience from cold and darkness to a celebration of warmth, light, and the beauty of nature.

Each candle:

  • Retails at £40

  • 215g

  • Approximately 60 hours burn time

  • Recycled and recyclable glass vessel

  • 100% plant-based wax

  • Not tested on animals

  • Vegan

  • Lead free cotton wick

  • Hand-poured in the British Isles

About Loriest & Co

Loriest & Co are modern sustainable UK candlemakers with a timeless aesthetic and a big heritage heart. Made in and inspired by life on the British Isles, founder Anna Jackson harnesses the scent of each month with 12 candles that journey through the year. Gathering wildflowers to woodsmoke, every Loriest candle captures the emotive memories formed through the ever-changing seasons, enabling a reconnection with nature through scent, time, and place.

Loriest & Co candles are made in England with 30 years experience in this heritage craft. We have conceived and created each scent with the expertise of British perfumers with 50 years of experience. Each candle is eco consciously hand-poured into a recycled glass vessel. Our plant-based sustainable wax gives a slow burn, so each candle lasts around 60 Hours.

With the natural world as its muse, a responsible approach is the core of Loriest & Co, which is 100% vegan and sources each element of its candles from suppliers in the British Isles who have been chosen for their meaningful commitment to quality, transparency, and ethical practices. Loriest candle wax is a carefully formulated plant-based blend, to ensure each hand-poured candle is slow burning, soot free and sustainable. Loriest candles are free from plastic, every vessel is made from recycled glass, and each box is carbon-balanced and fully FSC certified. All the fine details have been considered.


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