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Client Diaries | Embracing Brown In Interior Design

Brown. It's a polarising colour isn't it? Love it or loathe it, brown is actually a very versatile colour for interiors as it works seamlessly as a neutral and as a colour.

This moodboard was created for a colour consultation client, who was after warming up her bedroom after a decade of white. Initially she was hesitant to commit to brown (too 80s for her liking), so we went down the beige route. Which she absolutely loved, as did I. But we worked on the colour palettes a little longer, and she felt like she needed a deeper and darker colour to help ground the space. With the light neutrals and the beige, we had a gorgeously light, airy and warm colour atmosphere but it just needed that little something to balance it all out.

And that's where this warm brown moodboard came in. Like I said, I floated the idea of having a brown in the colour palette, but she was hesitant and the client always has the final say. Am I glad she finally came round to brown? Definitely 💯. But it's her bedroom, her journey and she needs to be comfortable with the colour choices. So we don't push, or bully, we just float around all the potential ideas that would work and allow the client to come to their own decisions. There was an initial panic, but when the colour palettes were created with the browns, she fell in love immediately.

So if you're like a fish out of water when it comes to selecting a colour palette for your space, then you've come to right place. Because I'm here to make choosing colours feel like a breeze. With my affordable colour consultation service, I do all the hard work for you leaving you with nothing but expertly curated colour palettes to work from. If you'd like to know more drop me an 📧 or visit for more details.


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