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How To Design With Dark Florals

The floral trend has had a face lift of sorts over the recent years and 2020 has completely amped up the flower power and taken it in new directions. Florals have always been connected with spring and summer times, representative of the seasons and their full blooms. It is associated with femininity and has been used to add that touch of playful and light elegance and sophistication to interiors.

Light Florals have always been at the forefront of design, fashion and art, and has found a special place in the marketing world. Timeless, elegant and inviting, florals have been used by marketing agencies to sell female oriented and targeted products. It is primarily used in perfume marketing, and therefore has come to epitomise ultimate luxury.

Light florals never seem to go out of style, always in vogue and timeless. It adds a refreshing touch to an interior, adds character and elegance. It is restrained, and perfect and in order. Dark florals on the other hand, throw all of this out of the window.

Image: The Curious Department

Bright, bold, vivacious and full of life, dark florals are everything light florals are not. They are vogue, dramatic and oh so utterly full of life. This year has seen an emergence of dark florals, and not just during the spring/summer season. Dark florals have been seen adorning the catwalks of high fashion brands, been celebrated in art and photography. Plus dark florals are completely instagrammable, so they definitely have the liking power.

Image: Lola Design

Oozing with sensuality and glamour, dark florals help portray and image of power, strength and authority. The rich jewel tones create a luxurious and intense atmosphere and the darker colours helps balance it all out with a lusciously moody and dark vibe.

To feel the full impact of dark florals, go for the macro prints not the micro. The bigger the better. Larger prints are daring and they capture the attention immediately. It may seem dramatic, but dark florals are all about the drama.

Image: Brabbu Design Forces

It is a wonderful way of adding splashes of colour and pattern. Think teal and deep dark purples. Offset by oxblood reds and bright mustard yellow. Burgundies alongside rich emerald greens, and navy blues with burnt oranges. A very opulent colour palette but that is the appeal of dark florals. It is the best way to embrace a little bit of the dark side without going full Gothic and dark.

A little bit of design advice, to stop a room from feeling too overwhelmed by the large, bold, and detailed patterns, do not pick out the primary colour in the pattern as the main colour for your room. This will wash out your florals instead of highlighting them. Pick out the secondary colours and use them in the rest of the colour scheme. It will help balance out the space and create a more harmonious colour palette.

Image: Lime Lace

Wallpapers are the best way to embrace the florals, and the safest way. Wallpapers or wallcoverings have made a major comeback in the recent years. The ideal way to create an interesting accent wall and is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. For a more unique touch, try wallpapering the ceiling. The new accent wall, ceilings are becoming the new statement piece. Dark floral ceilings would look amazing in hallways and are perfect for bedrooms. And for a even more daring look, try adding a bit dark floral wallpaper to a bathroom or a powder room.

Another way to max out on this trend, is to incorporate it into the soft furnishings. Go for the full maximalist and eclectic vibe with floral cushions, textiles and window treatments. Full length dark floral curtains add pure drama and character. Make sure to balance out the patterns with big solid blocks of neutral and accent colours. Balance and harmony are two things to always keep in mind when designing with dark florals.

Image: KSL Living

Statement chairs and sofa upholstered in dark florals helps add another layer and depth to the theme. Contrasting prints and patterns are a way to create interest and stop things from being stagnant and monotonous. Just make sure the colour schemes are the same or similar throughout all the prints.

Bespoke hand painted furniture adorned with floral patterns have been popping up in design schemes lately.

As are floral tiles. Hand painted or printed tiles are ideal for adorning the backs of sinks in kitchens and bathrooms. For a unique little touch, tile fireplaces with floral tiles. This works well to add an individual look to the space.

Image: Original Style

Dark florals are full of life and personality and a beautiful breath of fresh air after years of sleek, clean minimalist interiors. Experiment and play around with the trend to really make the most of the florals. Take what is normal and turn it on its head. Be bold, push the boundaries and try something a little different and be completely and utterly blown away with the end result.


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