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2019 Interior Design Trend Report

It's an exciting time in the world of Interior Design. Things are changing. But then things are always changing in the design world, so what is different about this year? I imagine you're asking.

Well, the difference is that the new trends are drastically different to what we have grown comfortable with over the past few years. We're going to be stepping into a whole new world of design. It's equal parts exciting and terrifying. But it's going be nothing short of amazing.

It's going to hurt to say goodbye to some of our much loved trends. I'm going to find it difficult to step away from Minimalism and towards Maximalism. It's also going to be difficult to incorporate new Interior Design trends into our existing designs, because truth be told redesigning all our rooms is a very costly move.

So without giving away too much, here is part one of 2019 Interior Design Trend Report.

Keep It Sustainable

Sustainability is a topic that has been growing in awareness over the past few years. In fact interest in sustainability is at an all time high, with organisations and governments around the world advocating sustainable lifestyles. We are becoming more aware of the impact our consumerism is having on the natural world. A lot of brands and Interior Designers are now shifting to a sustainable mindset of designing. It's all about stopping and thinking about our buying behaviour. We will begin to see a huge range of products made from ethically sourced materials. It's about embracing the natural materials, staying away from man-made plastics. Lessening our levels of air, land and water pollution.

Try incorporating a few small sustainable accessories into your living spaces. Showcase them on shelves and visible areas to capture interest and start meaningful conversations about sustainability, as shown in the image below. Sustainable kitchenware is all the rage right now, and it looks beautiful and timeless, like the set plates made from sustainable oak, shown below.

Source: girlbybay

Source: The Future Kept

Au Naturale

Carrying on from sustainability, we come to Nature. This has been a growing trend the past few years and it's going to get stronger this year. We're all about embracing the natural world, stripping things back to the bare elements. Design is going to be and feel raw, real and refreshing. It's all about rebuilding the relationship between Humans and Nature. It's going to be a breath of fresh air for a society that is overrun by technology.

Think organic materials and natural materials, daylight and natural light, greenery and bringing the outside inside. As shown perfectly in the the gorgeous kitchen below.

Source: Bloglovin'


Now this particular design trend, I've actually covered a couple months ago. So if your haven't already read it, you can read it here. Like I mentioned above, we're moving away from minimalism. More is more is the mantra we should be chanting from now on. But this is tricky trend to get right. It's not about putting everything you can find together. There's an art to getting the balance just right.

Source: Biba at House of Fraser

Flower Power

Again this is another trend that ties in with the previous three trends. Flowers are back, big time. Flower power is seeing a revival. Intricate floral patterns on wallpaper and fabrics is one way to achieve the maximalist look. Whether it's intricate delicate hand painted flowers, or big bold abstract prints, this trend is going to make a statement.

Source: Murals Wallpaper

Source: Dear Designers Blog

Colour Burst

We're bringing colour back. We're bringing a lot of trends back from the archive. Greys and minimal colour palettes are on their way out. Big, bright and bold colours will be everywhere soon. Now this is terrifying to a lot people. Colour is immensely difficult to get right. I found it easier with the grey and white trend because that was only two colours. But now we're talking about all the colours of the spectrum.

My advise would be to start off with a neutral base and add colour gradually. Mixing colours is another trend with experienced designers mixing 4 or 5 colours effortlessly into their designs. Start with one or two colours and play around and have fun with them.

Source: Pinterest


Keeping It Curvy

Interior Design is moving away from the masculine vibe to a more feminine look. Design is hitting back at the harsh look of mid century modern with the strong revival of curves. The strong feminine influence can be seen and felt in all of the major design trends of this year. It's a strong powerful force that can't be ignored and it's impact can be seen heavily on furniture design.

We're talking curved shapes, rounded design elements and curvilinear patterns. Round dining tables will be on the rise this year, alongside rounded sofas and lights. Straight lines are waning out this year.

Source: Domino

Source: Modern Dining Tables


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