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How To Design With Florals

First of May. I can't be the only one who feels like the year only began a few weeks ago. We're already into our fifth month of 2019. How's it been going for everyone? For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you'll remember that a few weeks back I explored the floral trend on my feed. With us being in the middle of Spring and on the cusp of summer, it's the perfect time to embrace the Floral Maximalism trend. As I mentioned in my trend report earlier this year, "Flowers are back, big time. Whether it's intricate delicate hand painted flowers,or big bold abstract prints, this is a statement trend.'

I wasn't too sure about florals to begin with, especially since I was coming into this year with a particularly minimalist mindset. But truth be told, the more I started looking into this and exploring, the more the flowers grew on me. No pun intended. It is a huge leap from the minimalist design style that we are so used to. But I'd like you to trust me on this one. Start slow and embrace this trend at your own pace, because I do think this one is going to hang around for a while. Especially with Maximalism on the rise. The floral trend is tricky to get right, too much of it and you'll end up with a very kitsch looking room. Too less and it'll just get lost in the room. The trick is to get the balance just right. Try to get the floral elements balanced out with solid blocks of colour and complimentary furniture. Keep your flooring simple to make the Florals pop. To make things easier for you I've put together three distinctive ways in which you can work with florals to create a beautiful and sophisticated look. I've put them into quick easy to digest infographic which you can save, share and pin.

This is just a quick little forage into the floral trend, as it gets ta stronger and gains in popularity I'll explore in greater detail. Let me know what you guys think of florals.

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