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My love for the colour black has never been a secret. My love for black interiors has never been a secret. So when a client decided they wanted to paint their walls black, I was jumping with joy. Nothing gets me more excited than the colour black! The drama. The elegance. The moodiness. I was all over this.

If anyone wants to inject in some dark dramatic glamour into a space, then black is the perfect colour for this job. It is the ultimate timeless colour which oozes an infinite amount of sophistication and elegance. And the beauty of black is that it compliments just about every other colour out there, from the lightest of whites to the brightest of pinks, and from the darkest of reds to the moodiest of blues. There are an endless amount of colour combinations and colour palettes that can be based around black.

Black as a colour can be very intimidating to work with, but when done right it can completely transform the space and create a stunning visual full of depth and character. 'All black' everything is a touch too dramatic, for some people that is. For others all black rooms are a thing of dreams, but colour still needs to used to balance out the black and the absence of light. For many however, small doses of black is where the colour truly shines for them. I say and I have said on numerous occasions, that every interior needs a touch of black to help ground the space and create a sense of balance and harmony.

So where can black paint be used? Practically anywhere due to its extreme versatility, but black is made for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Paint is typically the main aspect of a room where people begin to introduce colour. Painted walls are the perfect way of showcasing the beauty and depth of the colour black. There also is an immense amount of emotion and personality emitting from black.And for colour that is both complex and deep, it most definitely needs to be the statement piece and focal point of the room. And it is all these things working together which allow the colour to have such a striking impact, an impact which is not found in any other colour.

So what shade of black paint is the best? There are a huge variety of black paints available on the market, and any one of them can be used. There is not much room for error when choosing a shade of black paint. The main piece of advice I have is, always look at the undertones. Most black shades are not 'true blacks' or 'pure blacks'. They almost always have visible undertones of other colours such as grey, blue, purple, green or even red. So always pay attention to the undertones and use them to help choose complimenting colours.

Obviously as a self proclaimed lover of all things black, I do have an ultimate list of black paints. I would not be a good interior designer otherwise.So here is my list of 'The Ultimate Black Paints'.

First up is Soot by Benjamin Moore, which is a gloriously deep colour and has a beautifully rich pigmentation. There is a sense of grandeur emitting from this paint which makes it perfect for bedrooms and hallways. Kitchen cabinets and furniture painted in with this would look absolutely stunning.

Second is Off-Black by Farrow & Ball. This shade has a slight blue-ish tinge to the colour and again the complexity of the colour is visible from the offset. I recommend using this colour in living spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms and office/library spaces. The blue undertone lends this shade its cool temperature and compliments other shades of blue.

Lamp Black by Little Greene Paint Company, is a colour which resembles pure black. Again this colour is perfect for creating a sophisticated and elegant look. This shade creates a stunning statement visual in any room it is used in. This is ideal for people looking to amp up the dark drama in their interiors.

Lastly is Dark Kettle Black by Valspar, which gives off a delightfully moody dark grey vibe. This shade is perfect to work into a monochrome scheme and compliments grey beautifully. Again, a very versatile colour which can be used in practically every room.

When it comes down to it, black is a particularly tricky colour to get right. As it absorbs light and colour, great attention needs to be paid its application and placement. It is all about striking the right balance. For more information on the colour black, on black paint or any other colours, feel free to drop me a message. I do offer a colour consultation package, alongside my regular and e-design packages which can be explored here.


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