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The Bedroom Edit | Bedside Lighting

It may sound like a broken record, the number of times I mention how important lighting is in a space. But it is incredibly important and so I will say it again. Lighting has the ability to either make or break the room and therefore a good lighting scheme is an absolute necessity. When done right, lighting can transform a space and breathe life into a room. It lures out the best qualities of the rest of the design scheme and shines a light on all the features.

Lighting in bedrooms is just as important as lighting anywhere else in the house. Many people tend to focus their attention on lighting for living rooms, hallways, and kitchens and lighting in bedrooms is usually an afterthought. Bedrooms are a place of serenity and relaxation, a haven to escape to and unwind in, and lighting plays a monumental part in helping to create this atmosphere. Subtle lighting works wonders in bedrooms and so a layered lighting scheme is the perfect option for bedrooms. One way of achieving this relaxing, hotel-esque vibe is by including bedside lighting into the design. Bedside lamps or table lamps are the perfect way to create small pockets of light in the room.

The first detail to consider when picking a table or bedside lamp is the type of light. A table lamp is, as the name says, a freestanding fixture which stands on the bedside table, shelf or cabinet. These lamps are typically used in bedrooms as they are easy to install, usually fuss free, and not fixed or built in. Wall mounted bedside lights are another choice but they are slightly complicated to install. They, however, do create a beautiful focal point in a room and frame the bed perfectly. There is also the option of downlights above the bed and ceiling mounted pendant lamps, which are placed above on either side of the bed.

Once the type of light has been chosen, the next detail to consider is the style. There are numerous styles of table lamps and bedside lights out there on the market, so make sure to pick a style which complements the design style of the rest of the room. The essential questions to ask here is, is the lighting intended to be a focal point in the room? Or is it intended to fade out and blend into the surrounding in order to allow the bed or the wall to be the focal point? The answers will help determine the style of light chosen.

The final detail to consider is the size of the lighting fixtures. In order to achieve balance in the design scheme, every piece in the room needs to work harmoniously with each other. If buying a table lamp, buy after the table has been brought. If buying wall mounted lights, buy after the bed has been bought or put into position. In small rooms, smaller lighting fixtures will work nicely and offer the correct amount of light into the space. In larger rooms, larger statement fixtures will help fill out the space and flood the room with ample light to keep the space comfortable.

Lighting is key and everyone deserves to relax and unwind in a beautifully lit bedroom. I will be exploring the topic of bedroom lighting in further detail and will break down each type of lighting in individual articles.In the meantime, I hope this article has proved useful and I’ll be happy to answer any further question. For interior design consultations and services please check out S&F Interiors.

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