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Staging Your Home

Everyone wants a beautiful home to live in. A home that you all want to show off on Instagram.

Holiday season is just round the corner and you're entertaining and throwing parties and enjoying yourselves. And your homes are at the centre of all the festivities. To have a gorgeous and welcoming home during this period is everyone's dream, but redoing the rooms is a bit too much of an effort this time of year.

So the best way around this is to stage your home, Now I know you typically stage your home when you want to sell it. But there is nothing wrong with staging your home for a short while, whilst you entertain your guests and throw parties. I mean to be honest, some of the tips that I've given below might be something that you already do. So check them out and enjoy playing around with what you have and hopefully you'll create a beautiful home.

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Make it shine! That's all I can say for this one. Never underestimate the power of polish. Adds new life to the old. Dust down your shelves and polish your silver. It will instantly transform your space.


Have a clear out. All that junk that you've been meaning to get rid of? Do it now. Hide away the things that you don't need. This is perfect of you're planning on entertaining a lot guests this holiday period.


This one is a big one. Winter days means long and dark nights. Add some variety to your lighting. Try out some lamps or small cluster lights. Small sections of mood lighting gives your room that 'professionally designed' look.


Now is a good time to try and rearrange your furniture to make more space in your rooms. Play around with the layouts to create a different look to your existing room. The best thing about this is, if you don't like it, just change it back. There's no major commitment here.


The foolproof way of livening up the space is by bringing the outside in. Plants, real or plastic, add an element of freshness to a space. They also help create a laid back and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for hosting and entertaining.


Now this one can be slightly more drastic if you want it to be. Or you could play it safe and add small bursts of colour through the accessories. Soft furnishings and decorative accents are the best place to start. Whichever way you go, some fresh bursts of colour can help create the illusion of the space being redecorated.


Following on from the previous point, just try adding a few new accents and accessories to the room. Something new for your guests to gush over. Try picking out a couple of statement pieces in each room and place them front and centre, to make sure they capture the attention.


Your best possessions should be out on display. Showcase what you're proud and if they have a story behind it then that's even better. In the kitchen display your fancy glassware if you can. Platters and cake stands make brilliant design accents for the kitchen.


The perfectly staged home entices all the senses. And scent is key. Indulge in bold scents. A beautiful smelling home is irresistible and has a lasting impact. Burning essential oils is perfect, as the oil burners double up as decorative accents. If not then candles are perfect statement pieces and they contribute to the lighting of the room.


A sign of a happy and loved home, photographs are perfect for adding a personal touch to your home. Showcase all your adventures and achievements of the past year. Hang them on the wall or display them on the mantelpiece.


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