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Sage Green | Interior Design

Sage Green, a colour that is not so typical and not so mainstream, is poised to take over the world of interior design. I say poised because it has been slowly simmering along for the past year or two. You might have come across Sage Green before, it has proven to be extremely popular within the Country and Mid Century design styles.

Sage green is a gorgeous neutral, mellow and sophisticated shade of green, inspired by the herb of the same name. As we move slowly away the trend of grey neutrals, we are starting to embrace newer warmer shades to help create a perfect neutral base. Which is why we are seeing the rise of warm white, beige and brown. Sage green is one of those colours that we wouldn't typically associate as a neutral, but the versatility of this colour makes it a bold and elegant choice for a neutral.

Every Interior Designer should have selection of to go to paint colours in their arsenal for every colour. There are certain shades of Sage Green which I class as my ultimate shades. They are simple yet complex, bold yet muted, and soothing yet revitalising. I have also covered of range of prices when putting together these shades, so no matter what your budget is, there is beautiful shade of Sage Green paint available for you.

Typically Sage Green has been associated with the rustic, country and farmhouse design styles. And it is true that warmer shades of Sage Green compliments these design styles perfectly. It works well with real wood, ceramics and brass. But recently Interior Designers have been experimenting and playing around and discovering new ways to make Sage Green work for them. And it turns out that there is potential to make sage green work in modern, minimalist and contemporary interiors. The cooler shades work beautifully with glass, silver metals and modern design elements.

You can use Sage Green as a main accent colour as well as a neutral base. It works well as an accent colour in modern and minimalist design styles, and offset with a darker and richer green either with accessories or indoor plants. If you are feeling particularly brave and feel like experimenting with colour layering, then you can use Sage Green as a base. The complimentary colour to Sage Green is a deep red, as well as oranges, yellows and browns. Cooler shades will work well with blues, greens, blacks and purples.

With rising interests in designing sustainably, bringing in elements of nature and designing for the peace of mind, Sage Green is the perfect colour to bring these ideas to life. It's characteristics of being natural, soothing and and full of character allows the designer to create interiors that are not boring, predictable and one dimensional.


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