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Quick Simple Ways To Restyle Your Bathroom

So continuing on with the 'Quick Simple Restyle' series, this week is bathroom week. Now I've had a few people comment on how some of the tips in the bedroom post weren't too expensive to carry out. And I'm glad you came to that conclusion because that is the aim of this series. I'm giving out bits advice that is super cost effective and hopefully time saving as well. Like I said in the previous post, sometimes a room doesn't need a lot of work to

bring it back to life again. And a quick refresh and should not break the bank.  

This series is all about not spending too much but still having a gorgeous space to come home to. I'm hoping to put together another series tackling the mid-range budget and then a series all about the high end stuff. So in the end you'll essentially have reference points for all three budgets. 

Anyways now that we've got that out of the way, lets move on to the topic of today's post which is bathrooms. I find that the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, for obvious reasons. And bathrooms can get bit run down, with water splashing everywhere, steam, bits of hair and the not so pleasant smells. So it makes sense to give bathrooms a quick restyle and refresh, especially since bathrooms, like kitchens, are pretty pricey to completely replace, So here are my five quick and simple ways to restyle your bathroom. 

C L E A N 

I don't want to sound like a broken record but just deep clean the whole bathroom first. I know you're probably tired of me telling you to clean your house but sometimes a good old deep clean can work wonders. So my advice is to clean everything first and step back and really look at the condition of everything. If after the clean it looks good as new then you don't need to replace anything. If things look a bit meh, then consider replacing them. Touch up any grout with the grout pen, and definitely consider pulling the silicone sealant out and reapply fresh sealant. And don't forget to organise any of that clutter that we all have lying around our bathrooms.


For those of us with small bathrooms, we like to try to open up the space and make the room feel more spacious than it is. Clever use of mirrors and wall space can make a world of a difference. Make sure you pick out the right sized mirror for your space, too small and it'll look weird, and a mirror that's too big will just throw you're whole room out of proportion. Ideally you'd want your mirror to be placed on the wall opposite to the window to enable all the natural light to be reflected back into the room. And just to clarify I'm talking about adding another mirror into your bathroom as well as the mirror that you've have above your sink and vanity.

C O L O U R 

This is a slightly more expensive option, but if you really feel like your bathroom would benefit from having a fresh lick of paint, then you have the option of changing the colour. This is also the perfect way of incorporating this seasons colour trends into your home. If you have tiles, then changing the colour is not an option, so maybe consider changing the colour of your accessories. 


Spa bathrooms are a thing at the moment, and the idea of creating a spa like atmosphere in our home bathrooms is appealing to all of us. Accessories a big focal point in this trend. Fresh new towels will always give you that spa like feeling, as well as candles and plants. I'm not too keen and having too many accessories in a bathroom just because dust and steam is a particularly good combination. But a couple of new accessories will really lift up the room and get excited about using them, especially if you've got fancy candles. 


Speaking of candles this is a biggie. We all like our bathrooms to smell nice and clean. Air fresheners help to a certain extent, and I like to think of them as short term solutions. Most air fresheners will fade away fairly quickly without completely diffusing the unpleasant odours. You'll want something that lasts and reed diffusers help as well as candles. You could try applying a few drops of scented essential oils on towels and bathmats and plants also help with odour control. Ventilation is the best way to keep your bathroom smelling clean so maybe consider having an extractor fan installed if you haven't got one already. 

So there have my five quick and simple ways to restyle your bathroom. Let me know how you get on with and we'll be restyling kitchens next week. 


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