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Quick Simple Ways To Restyle Your Kitchens

I'm finally back with another installment in the 'Quick Simple Ways to Restyle' series, and this week we're onto kitchens. Now kitchens are pretty complex things just based on the amount of things we have in our kitchens. So when it comes to restyling it's a little bit difficult. We don't need to change everything, it's just the little things that we need to tweak, but where do we start?

I've spent quite a while thinking about this and a lot of what I came up with just sounded really time consuming and expensive. But after mulling it over for a while, I've come up with tips which I hope are easy to do. I haven't tried these myself because I just had my kitchen done last year, but I'll definitely try them out at some point. In meantime have a read, try them out and let me know how you get on.


Clutter is an Interior Designers worst enemy. We don't like clutter. Everything has a place and reason to be in that place in order to achieve perfect balance in the room. Anything that doesn't belong can put me on edge, not to the extent where it's a major problem, but I'll move things out of the way. So declutter your kitchen, put things back where they belong and clear up worktop space. Tidy away kitchen gadgets that you don't use everyday and less clutter means more room.


I feel like colour would be easy to change in a kitchen if you haven't invested to much into the existing colour. If you've colour matched your entire kitchen from cupboard doors, to utensils and tea towels then changing the colour is not an option. However if the colour is just on the wall and on a few items that won't be too costly to replace then go ahead and bring in a fresh new vibe with a new colour. Another option would be to introduce a new colour into your existing colour scheme. Just be careful not to overdo it and choose colours that clash.


Treat yourself to a new clock, some new art or even just a new fruit bowl. Refresh your accessories, consider investing in some statement platters and serving bowls or even just some drinks trays. Buy a new set of tea and hand towels, new mugs or new drink decanters. It may not seem like these simple little things will make much of a difference, but believe me accessories can make or break a room. Display your new collection on your decluttered worktop area to create a new look.

If you don't feel like buying new accessories just highlight and display your existing collection. Chopping boards are always a good styling item in a kitchen, as well as teapots and teacups or even mugs. Glassware displayed on a drinks tray always gives a classic and sophisticated vibe.

Plants & Herb Gardens

Bring in a bit of life and nature to the kitchen by investing in some plants or maybe try your hand at growing yourself a little herb garden. A perfectly sustainable little to ensure you have fresh herbs for your food and drinks. The interior design world is obsessed with plants at the moment. In our busy lives we seem to have distanced ourselves from nature and the natural world, and a few plants dotted around our homes will help us reconnect with nature. Plus caring for and looking after a few live herb plants will help us appreciate the time effort it takes to grow some of our food.


This might be slightly expensive, but it's perfect for kitchen that still has a few years left, but also has seen a few years as well. Changing the cupboard door handles will give your kitchen the face lift that it needs. You can change a modern kitchen to contemporary and a vintage one to rustic simply by changing up the style of door handles. It will make your kitchen cupboards brand new and will lend a whole new design style to your kitchen.


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