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Maximalism - More is More?

An explosion of colour, sumptuous fabrics and a dizzying myriad of patterns is one way to describe Maximalism. But then again, a trend so vivacious and full of life does not need to be defined, it speaks volumes in itself. Maximalism is the ultimate pinnacle of the phrase 'more is more'.

Source: Pati Robins

Source: Pinterest

For the past few years, Interior Design has very much focused on Minimalism, sleek and simple designs with tonal colours and a chic and modern vibe. But like all design trends, it is coming to an end and a new design era is dawning on us. And what a glorious and exquisite design era it is.

Source: Via Pinterest - Bored Rug

Source: Living etc.

Anything and everything is in play with this design trend. However, like Minimalism, it is difficult to strike the perfect balance. It is not about throwing a random selection of items together, it is all about putting different items together that all tell a story. Each element of the room should work in harmony with each other. It's eclecticism but organised and cohesive eclecticism. 

Source: House Beautiful Magazine - Frederick Larange

Source: The Times - Furniture Village

Historically speaking. Maximalism initially came into being as a reaction against Minimalism, and so it feels like a natural progression for the Design and Art world to move into. It is and aesthetic of excess, extravagance and luxury. Powerful and full of passion, Maximalism has made it's glamorous entrance. 

Source: House Beautiful - Biba at House of Fraser

Source: Real Homes

Bold colours, extravagant furnishings, wild wallpaper, luxury bathrooms, zany prints and vintage accessories, as a few main design elements. Highlight everything, be bold and brave with colour and print. Put everything on display, don't hide your collectibles and art. Cover your walls with an expression of your personality and identity. 

Source: DeVol Kitchens

Source: Bloglovin' - Larnie Nicholson

Maximalism is a breath of fresh air after monotone colour schemes and minimal accessories. It can be slightly intimidating, so start off in small doses, Slowly build your spaces up. Enjoy playing around with design styles and eras, clash and combine, contrast and complement with your elements. Just remember, you have a story to tell, so tell it well. 

Source: House of Hackney & CP Hart

Source: Instagram - Blissfully Eclectic


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