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It's The 20's!

Happy New Year and Happy 2020! If you didn't already know, I have a slight obsession with all things 1920 related. The jazz age was my ultimate decade, the whole Gatsby-esque aesthetic is without a doubt the best. So I am crazy happy to be living through my own version of the 20's, albeit a slightly modern version of it's predecessor. 

This is the first post for 2020 so I thought I'd just touch base and give you a quick little breakdown of some the content you can expect to see on Style & Form for the next year. I tried really hard to be consistent with writing blog posts last year. I remember I started off saying I was going to post twice a week, then I went down to once a week. Other commitments made it quite difficult and towards the end of the year I burnt out. But this year, after a break, and a time out to plan content, Style & Form is back with a bang.

Well not literally a bang, but you get the drift. In terms of content, I'm definitely posting every Tuesdays without missing a single day. I'll be covering Interior Design Trends, Colour Schemes, Design Tips and Products, as well as my personal work. Alongside this I'm bringing back Interiors of the Month, maybe a few House Tours, and History of Interior Design. I have small mini series coming out in the next few weeks about Moorish Architecture and Art in the South of Spain, which is a delightful mixture of history, art and design commentary, and my attempt at photography. 

I am extremely excited for the what the next decade will bring to the World of Interior Design. At the end of last year, there were a few major changes taking hold in the design world. Last decade was pretty much dominated with Minimalist, Scandinavian and Nordic inspired interiors. Stripped back simplicity with neutral colour palettes was all the rage, with grey taking center stage. We are now shifting towards a warmer colour palette, refocusing our attention to Maximalism, accessories and a little bit of indulgence.  

I won't say too much about trends in this post, so make sure you drop by next Tuesday for the next post. Keep an eye out on my socials or subscribe to get the latest posts directly into your inbox. 


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