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Colour Palette Of The Month

So as you probably know, I've been exploring neutrals on my Instagram feed. So I thought I'd put together a mini colour palette for you guys. I've taken inspiration from Pantone, like always. Warm neutrals are trending at the moment and we're seeing a comeback for creams and browns.

So in my mini colour palette, I've included the colour 'beige'. Which I know is going to spark some controversy, as in the elite world of design, we tend to look down on this colour. I understand where this is coming from, a room with too much beige is boring, bland and characterless. But, and this is a big but, when you use beige sparingly and intelligently, you can actually create some of the most interesting looking interiors. When we allow it t be beige can be a complex colour. I just think it needs to be mellowed out with a lighter colour and grounded by a darker colour.

For my little colour palette, I've focused it around beige, because why not. I've mellowed it out with the lighter shade of Gardinia and grounded it with a deep blue, Parisian Night. This colour combination will work well in living rooms and bedrooms.


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