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Burgundy Inspired Colour Palette

I have always found myself fascinated by colour, dark colours in particular. The rich opulence that comes with dark jewel like colours is my ultimate colour vibe. The colour trends of the past few years have favoured light and neutrals shades, which I also adore. We have all become accustomed to lighter interiors so much so that the idea of taking a plunge into the dark side might be quite overwhelming for some. The colour trends for this year forecast a shift towards embracing colour, and a step towards adding bold bursts of colours into interiors. But I am also very aware that dark colours are often times seen as intimidating and too daring for most people. I can see how the dark can be too overbearing at times, especially in social rooms such as living and dining rooms. But when paired with beautiful subtle neutrals and bright fresh colours, the dark can be given a new burst of life. Which is why my colour of the year the year is burgundy, or deep red purplish colours. I think burgundy is the perfect colour to bring to the forefront this year. Burgundy has a beautifully rich and diverse history spanning centuries, and is deeply embedded in traditional European culture. Historically, burgundy has been associated with royalty and upper class society, and was typically seen draped around royal palaces and royalty themselves. It was the pinnacle of ultimate luxury. Nowadays, burgundy has lost most of its regal connections and is seen as universal colour, perfect and ideal for all.

Burgundy, wine, dark cherry, and garnet are just a few variations of this gorgeous dark red and purplelish colour. The colorations range from dark to very dark, highly saturated to mid saturation, and intense to subtle. All of these colour variations and more can be seen in all avenues of design from interiors to fashion runways to art. It is particularly well used in the world of furniture design and upholstery. And I think there is nothing more stunning than a beautiful burgundy velvet sofa. This is an absolutely incredible colour which can be used in almost any room to give a burst of intense colour and pure sophistication and elegance. Burgundy works particularly well in dining rooms and bedrooms as it has the ability to create an intimate atmosphere. It is also perfect for a living room, home library or office and has recently found its way into kitchens and bathrooms. There are many complimentary colours which work wonderfully with burgundy and all help take the edge off the dark intensity. Pair it with white for a crisp, fresh and modern look. Neutral colours such as light browns and beige also work beautifully with burgundy and create a warm and elegant colour palette. Warm grey works well with red heavy burgundy and cool grey works with purple heavy burgundy and is the perfect colour combination for a Scandinavian inspired interior. As well as the white, neutral and grey colours, burgundy works exceptionally well with blues and greens to create a nature inspired colour palette. Or try pairing it with mustards and burnt oranges for a luscious autumn inspired colour scheme. For a more feminine feel, pinks and light purples will work wonders with burgundy. And for that all time dark classic look, pair with black. The possibilities are endless with this colour and I think there is a world of untapped potential hidden in and amongst these deep red and purple colours. It is bold and it is daring and it is quite daunting to take the step towards burgundy, but when used correctly, it has the power to fully transform your space. The journey with this colour does not end here, this post is the first in a series of posts dedicated to burgundy. As it is my colour of the year, I will definitely be sharing design advice, curated colour palettes and more over the coming year. But in the meantime have a look below and see the collection of my favourite shades of burgundy.

Preference Red by Farrow & Ball 'The deepest and richest of our reds, this baroque colour is named in honor of our original trade name, Preference Paints. It can be used with any red based neutral, but is particularly striking when when seen in combination with Paean Black and Sulking Room Pink.' Kanreki by Atlier Ellis 'A celebratory yet discreet dark red. An intense shade which invigorates most pallettes.' Dragons Blood by Fired Earth 'Coming from the deep, darkly toned red resinous substance of the mysterious dragons blood tree, an exotic colour forming a rich backdrop for dining areas.' Cabernet Cork by Valspar 'Compliments the colours Laurel Wreath, Jam Jar, Scottish Highlands and Evening Coat.' Ruby Starlet by Dulux A beautifully rich red colour, resembling the finest Ruby around. Pairs perfectly with greens and neutrals. Go ahead and let me know whether I have got things right and burgundy might be the next big thing or am I just barking up the wrong tree. Explore these colours, look for inspiration online and feel free to share whatever you find with me. I am always on the hunt for design inspiration.


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