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Bold & Colourful Interior Design 2020

After years of stark white interiors and grey accent colours, Interior designers are starting to embrace colour once again. Like with all design trends, the Scandinavian and Minimalist inspired colour palettes are beginning to fade away. Bold and brash bursts of colour are taking over the Interior Design world. Dare to be bold and dare to be different. That is the new mindset of some designers.

Colour has always been notoriously difficult to get right. But 2020 has seen a resurgence of colour that has not been seen in recent years. Colour is being used freely, boldly and confidently by creatives in all fields. It is the best way to show personality and character, the perfect medium to tell a story and share an experience. White walls are now being drenched in lashings of bold and bright colours, furniture is being designed in various different colour ways, and coloured prints and patterns are adorning the soft furnishings. Powerful and bold tones dominate interiors and spaces to create striking focal points and statements. It allows colour to become a talking point and prompts discussions. Red is one of the strongest color trends of this year, and alongside bright vermillion and crimson, darker, intense and richer tones will be coming to the forefront. Berry toned walls, soft furnishings and furniture will work exceptionally well with both darker moody colour palettes and lighter white based colour schemes. The versatility of red makes it the ideal choice for any space and creates a sophisticated and decadent atmosphere.

Image: Atkin & Thyme

Golden and mustard yellow has been in vogue for a couple of years and has been listed as another strong colour trend. Yellow, especially pale yellows, have a glamorous vintage and invigorating energy, perfect for social rooms. Yellow works particularly well and in perfect harmony with blues and purples. If you are not feeling too brave, consider adding a splash of yellow in soft furnishings and accessories and with a neutral white, grey or pale pink colour base.

Like with green, dark inky blues have proven to be exceptionally popular and with the Pantone Colour Of The Year being Classic Blue, it is no surprise that blue is popping up everywhere. Deep inky blues set the tone for a perfect moody and intimate atmosphere. Works beautifully in formal living rooms and bedrooms. Paired with wooden furniture, brass accessories and layered textiles, inky blue will surely become a talking point.


Pale blues are calming and relaxing colours best suited for bedrooms, bathrooms and informal living spaces. In the chaos of modern live, sometimes a little respite is needed and pale blue gives you just that.

Image: Haynes Paint

With grey on its way out, it is being replaced by its darker predecessor, black. The ultimate colour of luxury and opulence. Black truly is a force to be reckoned with. For ultimate luxury pair with beautifully hand carved wooden furniture, finished off with gold and glass accents. But if that is too much decadence, pair with subtle pastels and light shades to create a fresher and modern look to the colour. Black and white is a classic combination and one you can not go wrong with, if done right.

Image: Rockett St George

Black provides the best backdrop for bright, bold and flashy colours. Florals and patterns always work amazingly well with black, the juxtaposition of the two creates a striking and memorable visual. Unleash your wild side and let your inner creative have fun with black, it is an intimidating colour but it gives off a glorious finish.

Designing with colour is always seen as a daunting task, something to shy away from or avoid. Which is why it has become so much easier to just stick with the neutrals. Start slow with introducing colour into your spaces. If you do not feel comfortable going for such a drastic change, try and incorporate colour in your textiles, dinnerware, towels, accessories and maybe a rug or two. And there is always the option of getting an Interior Designer on board and letting their expert guidance make your colour journey that much more exciting and stress free!


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