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5 Reasons Why You Need An Interior Designer

A question I get asked quite a lot is do I really need to hire an Interior Designer for my project? Can I not just try and replicate a design in my home? Yes you can go about designing your space on your own. You don't always need an Interior Designer for every project. However there will be some projects which are more complex than others, more demanding and sometimes professional help is the only way. People have been bogged down with the notion that professional interior design is reserved for the rich and the well off folk. And there is some truth in that notion because until recently the very purpose of Interior Designers was to serve the elite and have their homes dripping in luxury. But the world of Interior Design has changed and with it so has the role of a designer. We as designers no longer cater for the rich clientele and we're no longer about luxury and opulence. We're here to serve everyone and professional interior design is not a luxury, designers like myself are striving to make Interior Design affordable and accessible to all. So back to my original question, do you need an professional designer? Yes you do, and here are my 5 reasons on why I think that.

Save Money

Believe it or not, Interior Designers can actually save you money. Sounds counter productive, paying out for a designer on top of the budget you've set aside for your project. But the truth of the matter is the opposite. 

And Interior Designers DO help save you money. With our professional insight we help you save money on costly mistakes and nasty surprises. The majority of us designers have trade relationships and so we can get you better value for your money. We shop around, plan your budget, manage your project and more so you don't have to take on the additional stress. The best part, we don't charge you a lot for our services. For designers like myself, making Interior Design accessible and affordable for all is our goal. 

Professional Design Planning

Not everyone has a knack and eye for design. The world of Interior Design is a complex and saturated one. There is so much out there and everything is constantly changing, and this all can get overwhelming for a lot of people. 

This is where Interior Designers come in, to help you understand your personal style and help reflect that in your space. I, as an Interior Designer, understand that your home is a reflection of your personality, it tells the story of who you are, where you've and everything you've learnt. An Interior Designer can help make sense of personality and preferences can make a beautiful design plan. 

We can create in depth realistic designs plans to help you visualise your rooms in real time. We can create accurate lighting plans to make sure your spaces are well lit. So you don't have to keep worrying about whether your design looks good or not until all the work has been done and money has been spent. 


This one is important and something which can make or break a design project. Scheduling. In order for your project to run smoothly every single aspect of it needs to run on time and done in the correct order. Basic everything needs to run like clockwork. 

An Interior Designers job is to make a schedule, and then stick it. We manage the buying of items, as well as scheduling the delivery of items. We've designed your space so we know in which order certain things need to be completed in. 

Stay On The Budget

This is another important aspect of the design process. The budget. Give an Interior Designer a budget within which you want your project to be completed in, and the chances are we'll keep it in or under budget. Especially since we can save you money! 

If you know you are the type who struggles to keep a budget, then this is perfect for you. Hand over the stress and control to the Interior Designer, because that's what you're paying us for. 

A good Interior Designer will give you best possible value for your money, not make you pay than you should and also prioritise your expenses. So leave the number crunching to the professionals. 

You'll Get That Wow Factor

At the end of it all you will have a beautiful and gorgeous interior to show off to everyone. With that professional seal of approval from your designer, your room will draw attention. And you can sit back, relax and enjoy your room knowing what an amazing and stress free experience it was hiring an Interior Designer. And you'll be even prouder of yourself when you remember it didn't cost you as much. 

The perfect way to fall in love with Interior Design is to go out there and explore it with a professional, have fun, learn more and enjoy the process. Your home should bring you joy.  

So there you have it my top 5 reasons on why you need to hire an Interior Designer. If you are interested in exploring my Interior Design packages then feel free to have a look here .

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