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Colour Of The Year

Colours, they are complex little things. They form the basis of a multitude of arts from design, to fashion, graphics, food and more. The core of design trends, colours are extremely powerful, and their impact is profound.

New colours have been released into the mix this year, with the focus being on natural colours, so as to enable us to bring some much needed stability and balance back into our lives. Globally there has been a shift in the ways we view our space on this planet and the resounding impact we are leaving behind, both on nature and the future generations.

Successful colour trends always reflect the mood and atmosphere of the society, and this years colours do just that. Colour paints and envelopes our environment, whether it be at home, work or in public. As a basic human instinct, we feel comfortable in spaces that reflect elements of ourselves.

The one colour which appeals to me is Inchyra Blue, by Farrow and Ball. To be honest blues have always been my favourite colour, but this one is just something else altogether. I don't think there is a colour quite like this out there and I am completely in love with it. So here it is...


Source: Instagram

A beautifully and flawlessly rich and intense colour, Inchyra Blue is my colour of the year. It's unusual for me to find my colour of the year so early on in the year. I usually take three or four months sizing up all the colours and picking out the one. My first instinct is to go for timeless colours, something that I can put into my catalogue of colours and continue being inspired by them for years to come.

This colour is exactly a timeless colour. I can't see a period time where Inchyra Blue couldn't be incorporated in designs. Whether you use this colour minimally or paint your entire room from ceiling to floor with it, you will never get bored of this colour. Well, I wouldn't anyway.

Source: Farrow and Ball

Reminiscent of deep and dark waters, this colour has just the same amount of depth. It has uncanny ability to reflect light and forms the perfect backdrop to bounce off bright colours. The greys within the colour are neutral enough to allow the colour work harmoniously with any colour. Yellows, reds and oranges, contrast with Inchyra Blue. It carries neutral browns effortlessly.

It invokes a sense of informal grandeur and relaxed sophistication. A paradox of sorts. The colour emits a calming vibe and you feel yourself being lulled into comfort. It plays on your senses and emotions in such a way that you feel relaxed but energised, almost as if it has revitalising properties. A beautiful colour and a timeless one at that.

I have an inclination towards dark and bold colours as I believe they create the most impact. Just pairing this colour with white and black will give you a stylish and trendy look. Accessorise with raw wooden accents and furniture and some minimal patterns and you have an up to date design scheme. Some accent lighting and textured materials will just everything together.

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