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The Bedroom Edit | Winter Style Up

It's been a while since we've discussed bedrooms. And I know it's not always practical to completely redesign a room every season or every year, but there are a few things that we can do to shake things up a little. These changes aren't ridiculously drastic and nor are they going to break your bank. Sometimes we all could do with a little bit of change of scenery to help step away from the everyday. So here are a few tips to style up a bedroom, perfectly in time for winter.

It goes without saying, when there is a theme to follow, the design process automatically gets easier. If there is no specific style or theme, try creating one. It'll help tie the room together and make the space look professionally designed. If there is already a theme going on, play around with it a bit.

Image: Designer - Pham Le Trung Hieu x Partners Photograph - Do Sy and Partner

Colour is always a good place to start, and we could all do with a pop of colour during the dreary grey winter days. Find something which compliments the existing colour palette and try incorporating it into the space. For a more nuanced look, try incorporating the colour through prints and patterns.

When we think of winter, we think of warmth, cosiness, and comfort. Pay attention to texture and weight of fabrics. Heavier fabrics are perfect for winter and are excellent at retaining heat. Chunky blankets and throws add that extra layer of warmth and interest. I believe a person can never have enough blankets so go all out. Swap out curtains and duvet cover for something thicker and warm.

I think a gorgeous over-sized rug can really change the appearance of a room. Generally speaking, rugs are cheaper to buy than full flooring, so they are perfect for a quick change up. We all know the feeling of waking up in the morning and having to walk across a cold hard floor. It's not pleasant. Stick a rug down.

Try going for a different style or cut to change it up a bit. Go from plain to patterned, low pile to shaggy, woven to carpeted. There is a huge choice of rugs out there, giving ample potential to play with sizes, styles, and shapes.

Image: House Seven Design

In the world of Interior Design, accessories and artworks are forever being thrown in the mix. Designers are coming up with beautifully inspired pieces every season, and most often these pieces are designed to be adapted into a variety of design themes. With some inspired thinking simple things, like a table lamp, some shelves or some artwork can style up the room. Buy a new collection of candles, vases, or indoor plants. Again it's all about creating balance and harmony.

I find that lighting always tends to get overlooked. Almost as if it's an after thought. I cannot stress enough how important lighting is to Interior Design. It's the element that ties together the whole design scheme. Most designers agree that mood lighting is always an interesting element to add into a bedroom. Bright lights are not always welcome at late hours of the day and night. Subtle lighting helps to create a relaxed and peaceful environment. The simple solution would be lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, which all work perfectly well. Layered lighting was made for winter.

Mirrors a useful item to have in a room which is not very spacious. The sizes of bedrooms vary a lot, and sometimes there's not much we can do about small-ish rooms. Mirrors are not only beautiful accessories, they also help open up a space, and their reflective quality means they can brighten up a room. I personally prefer statement mirrors, something prominent in a room. But like with everything, the placement is the key. Try if possible to place the mirrors in front of the window for a reflection of natural during the day.

Image: Soho Home Cooper Mirror | Large

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