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Summer Refresh- 10 Interior Design Tips

The Summer Refresh, probably my favourite time in the Interiors calendar. There is just something about the summer season that gets the creative juices flowing. It's that time of the year where you fancy a bit of a change, something new to help add a bit of vibrancy and freshness to your space. Now I know some people have booked in major renovation work for the summer, but this one is for those of you that don't really want to redo the whole room but you do want to do something to bring back the wow factor. So what do you do? A quick room restyle. Room restyling or refreshing is an ideal way to breathe some life back into your spaces.

It can be quite difficult with a room restyle to know where to begin. If you're not doing a full overhaul, how do you begin? Well I may have the answer to that. Below I have 10 tips to help you refresh your interiors and go from drab to fab. These tips will help bring that vivacity and life back into your spaces without breaking the bank.

Splash The Paint

You'll be surprised what a fresh lick of paint can do to a room or to any little space in the home. Paint is the perfect way to bring new colour into a room. You can be as bold and brave as you like. Or just freshen existing paint, especially if you have some white that doesn't look too white anymore. Small spaces, a wall or two are the perfect way to experiment with new colours and shades and it'll make a world of difference.

Image: Paint And Paper Library

Bring In Some Wallpaper

A step up from paint, is wallpaper. If you're after some pattern as well as colour, this is perfect solution. Providing your walls are in good condition, wallpapering should not be too much of a challenge. Like with paint you don't have to anything too major, a small section is all you need sometimes. Especially with all the new maximalist wallpaper a little definitely goes a long way.

Style It Up

Use small accessories and accents to style up your coffee tables and your shelves. Again this is the perfect way to introduce some colour, texture and pattern. A well styled table adds an element of sophistication and interest. Use vases and candles in varying sizes with small plants, trays and books and really layer up to create perfect little vignettes in your space.

Bring In Nature

Plants are the ultimate way of freshening up a space. Plants bring in a sense of life and summer as well as freshness and vibrancy. They are perfectly uplifting and they work beautifully with pretty much every design style. Fake or real, plants can help tie together your room.

Image: Woodchip & Magnolia

Switch The Lighting

Lighting is a key element in Interior Design, and if you've followed this blog for long enough you'll know how important lighting is for me. If you've got perfect lighting, you've got a perfectly designed room. Check your light bulbs and make sure you've got comfortable lighting and nothing too harsh. Try playing around with layering your lighting and consider adding some lamps for mood lighting. Sometimes changing a white light to a yellow light makes huge difference. Find what's comfortable for you and make it work.

Collect The Art

Start an art collection. I don't mean going out and buying a Rembrandt. Just start small with a few small prints and canvases. Many people seem to be afraid of art but there really is nothing right or wrong about art. Just buy what makes you feel good, what resembles your personality and you enjoy looking at. Look in to your local art scene, pop down to your local art galleries or just explore online. And if you're feeling particularly creative try creating some of your own art.

Mix It Up

Old and new. There's this common misconception that everything needs to be brand new in a room. But the mix of old and new is the best way to add personality to a room. Make your space tell a story of who you are. You don't need to buy everything brand new, use your old furniture and accessories as a base and then add some new stuff on top.

Image: DeVol Kitchens

Add Some Texture

Materials and fabrics are always welcome in a room refresh, especially in a summer refresh. Softer fabrics are perfect for this time of year and linen and cotton are a personal favourite. Introduce some new textures and patterns into your space and really have fun exploring the tactile side of interior design.

Scents and Fragrances

A well designed interior should excite all the senses, and smell is often overlooked or seen as an afterthought. To really bring a room to life consider light summery scents, such as floral and citrus scents. Invest in some gorgeous candles which can double up as an accent.

Don't Overdo It

Sometimes all a space really needs is a good old de-cluttering and tidy up. So maybe look into small or discreet storage solutions to help lessen the noise of clutter. Adding too much will overpower the space and make it look cluttered so always aim to achieve a balance.

So there you have a my 10 tips to help you refresh your interiors. Now if you've read this list and are thinking of refreshing your interior and you'd like a design professional to assist you, then I do have an E-Design package just for you. The Room Restyle package is perfect for quick refreshes and is ridiculously affordable, so go ahead and check it out here.


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