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Shop The Look - Garden Planters Edition

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The sun's out in full glory here in the UK. I don't want to talk about it too much lest I jinx it. A really good summer is pretty hard by in the UK but it means we've got plenty of time to potter about in our gardens. At least that what it means for me anyway. I've done most of my gardening for the year but I am looking to move some of my plants into new and bigger planters. And much as I love terracotta plant pots, I'd quite like to go for something slightly off piste this year.

There's a huge variety of outdoor plant pots and planters available on the market, but if you're looking for something more up market then I have the perfect five picks. We're still in some semblance of a lockdown here so garden entertainment and parties are all the rage. So spending a little extra to make our gardens look amazing is worth it, at least in my opinion.

What I absolutely love about statement planters and pots is that not only do they serve a purpose, they are also statement decorative features. Alongside garden seating, fire pits and lights, planters really help bring the garden layout and scheme together. I might have a slight obsession with garden planters, because every time I go to a greenhouse, I make a beeline for the pots. So here are some of my top picks that can picked up from this summer.

Like I said, I love my terracotta pots, but I do find that they are quite limited in style and shape. To help create interest and add personality to the garden, I like to mix and match and introduce different shapes and colours as well as materials. It all does depend on the aesthetic of the garden and the style that we're going for, but the five that I have picked are versatile enough to work in many different styles and looks.

Baloo garden planters by

Adding colour to a garden really just helps bring the garden to life and these planters help us do just that. I wouldn't necessarily plant bright blooms and flowers in coloured pots as the colours could clash. I would use these planters for luscious green foliage. These are the Baloo tall fibreglass planters in yellow and teal by They are available in two other colourways and different sizes. These pots give off an amazing modern European vibe and are definitely attention grabbing. Shop them here.

noor plant stands by

Black, we can never go wrong with a bit of black. A stunningly elegant and timeless colour which I absolutely love. These pops have a little subtle pop of colour with the teal legs and that just gives a whole new element and personality to these planters. These are the Noor set of two large galvanised iron round plant stands in black and teal by These help add much needed drama to the garden and can be explored more here.

Nadda rattan planters by

Rattan is the number one material of choice for gardens. So it makes sense that rattan planters are a thing. A natural fibre that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable, rattan is trending high this season. These are the Nadda set of two tall rattan plant stands in dark brown by We're used to seeing rattan in it's naturally light colours but this beautiful shade of dark brown is a little something different. Rattan has been used in Zen gardens for years and so these are perfect for calming and zen garden spaces. Shop them here.

coleta cement plant pots by

Cement might seem an odd choice for lush green gardens but these planters are beautiful for modern and minimal gardens. Cement planters work beautifully with black and white planters and really help add sophistication to the garden space. These are the Colleta set of two spaltter effect planters large, grey fibre cement by

nardi wall planter by

Wall planters are perfect for balconies and small gardens. This the Nardi eco wall planter in grey by These can be stacked vertically and horizontally and can help create a whole variety of styles. I've never used a wall planter before but it is something, that I can't wait to work with and explore. Check them out here.


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