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Shades Of Grey, Dark Grey

Grey, a neutral colour we never knew we needed in our lives. Now that we've unlocked the infinite possibilities of grey, we can't seem to turn away from it. Still a prominent design trend, grey has gone from strength to strength. And we all now have our ultimate shade of grey.

If you've been keeping up with my Instagram, you'll know that I've been busy exploring the shade Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball. You've probably heard all about this gorgeous colour and it's used by Interior Designers all around the world. It's achieved cult status and rightly so.

Inspired by the colour of lead drain pipes, Down Pipe is one Farrow & Ball's flagship paint colours. It's a deep, complex and versatile colour that works well with everything. It effortlessly merges with all design styles and themes, making it the perfect neutral base to build your design from. From modern to contemporary to traditional, you'll always find a place for Down Pipe.

Due to its popularity, Down Pipe is a highly recognisable colour and chances are you've probably come across it. And if you have you'll remember, as it's an alluring colour, attention grabbing and almost impossible to forget. It's a perfect blend of light and dark with the most beautiful subtle blue undertone.

So where is the best place to use this colour? As I mentioned, Down Pipe is highly versatile and therefore can be used anywhere, in any room and on any surface. Interior Designers absolutely love this colour and we've covered walls, ceilings, floors, doors, window frames, staircases, furniture and more with Down Pipe. Use it in your living rooms, your bedrooms or even your bathrooms. There's a rising trend in painting your kitchen cupboards with Down Pipe, because it works amazingly well with marble. The possibilities really are endless, which is why it's my ultimate shade of grey.

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