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Minimalist Home Office Spaces

This post contains some affiliate marketing links. Working from home is something we all seem to be doing at the moment. And it is looking like some people are getting used this flexible working environment and might continue with this arrangement going on. As someone who works from home, there are a few tips that I have picked up along the way to help maximise productivity and offer creative boosts.

If your home office space is not optimised for work, it will become difficult for you to focus. For the best part it is ideal to have a little spot somewhere in your house reserved exclusively for working. It does not have to be a separate room, just a small corner in the living room, spare bedroom or under the stairs will be ideal. It is healthy to be able to disassociate and distinguish work space from home space.

Source: Style&Minimalism

I find Minimalism is the best design style for a quick and small work area. It is clean and clutter free with few distractions which is perfect for helping you keep your focus and boost your productivity. A simple colour palette of white, grey and black is both fresh and reinvigorating, keeping you alert and switched on, whilst also offering a blank canvas with little distractions.

A simple white desk is the perfect for this, and one with built in storage is an added extra. Plan your storage strategically, you do not want to clutter your work space with storage. Clear desk equals clear mind. Make sure you have a system and you stick to it. Wall mounted notice boards are a good way to pin away important bits of paper. If you can, wall mounted shelves will also help you keep clutter off your desk.

A chair is the most important part of a home office. An ideal chair should be comfortable, give sufficient back support and be adjustable. Do no't go too comfortable, it is not meant to be a chair you sink into and relax. A chair that keeps you sat upright without straining your neck and back is perfect for boosting productivity. Ideally you would want your chair to be cushioned, plastic chairs really do more harm than good.

Source: House of Cruz,

Lighting is key for keeping you alert and productive. Try to place your desk in areas of natural light wherever possible. If you can, paint the walls around the desk white. This will help reflect the natural light back into the space, which works wonders for your creativity and gives you that connection with the outside world. Placing your desk near a window is also recommended, just not directly in front of a window because that will lead to you being easily distracted. But having the desk just to the side of a window is perfect as you will get both natural light and fresh air.

If it is difficult to access natural light, invest in a desk lamp or a floor lamp. Like I mentioned, lighting is key to keeping you alert and a desk lamp will do just that. Avoid a warm yellow glow in your lighting as that is too relaxing. White light bulbs are perfect for working spaces.

To avoid things from looking too clinical it is vital that you incorporate a few things to help motivate you. Artwork is usually a good place to start, and a mini photo gallery is perfect for boosting creativity. You need a little bit of freshness so plants are perfect for that. If real plants are too much to maintain, fake foliage is a quick swap. Plants have been proven to help boost your mood and energise you. A scented candle or two might to elevate stress and keep an calming aura about you. A few bits here and there is perfect, remember not to go too far and keep the 'visual noise' to the minimum.

To help you start off creating your own beautiful minimalist office space, I have put together a basic design board. You can add little bits here and there or use this as a base and an inspiration to help you put together your own 'working from home' space.

Minimalist Home Office

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Hope this post helps you put together a gorgeous home working space or office. Give this a try and let me know how you get on.


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