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Luxury Fragrance For Interiors By BHVNA London

Before we get into the article a quick little disclaimer, this article contains PR and advertising material for BHVNA London. The products are PR items.

Perfumes and fragrances are the ultimate source of luxury. They are an indulgent art form which has been around for centuries and has encapsulated the attention of everyone the world over. Fragrance blending has always been seen as a high art, an opulent blend of nature and alchemy, only mastered by the best of perfumers. A fragrance enamours our senses and transforms the atmosphere around us and takes us on a journey with it. Which is why when it comes to transforming the ambience of our rooms, we find ourselves reaching for a candle.

Candles have been used for centuries to aid with healing, relaxation and meditation. So it comes as no surprise that luxury scented candles have become the ultimate must have piece for any interior. We all want to transport ourselves to far-flung destinations and indulge in all the glorious and exotic scents from around the world, and all from the comfort of our living rooms. BHVNA London’s luxury scented candles gives us this exact luxurious experience and more through their collection of expertly curated scents.

‘I have always had a love for fragrances, name me a woman who doesn’t!' says Bina Panchal, the founder and crafter of BHVNA London’s home fragrances. And that love of fragrance runs through her entire collection. Inspired by her travels from around the world, her love and passion for fragrances, and a few words of encouragement from her son, Bina set out on her journey to bring us a beautifully hand crafted selection of luxury candles and reed diffusers.

Her aim was to create candles and scents that create a captivating and exotic ambience in any interior. So after learning the art of candle making, exploring hundreds of opulent scents, and working on mixing the perfect combination of top, middle and base notes, she finally reached perfection. And BHVNA London, which means love and feel good emotions in Hindi, was launched.

Oud Affair Candle Black, Cedar Leaf Candle White, Turkish Rose Candle White, Luxe Leather Reed Diffuser Black, Kuro Orchid Reed Diffuser Black, Cherry Blossom Reed Diffuser Black By BHVNA London Style and Form Interior Design Blog

Above: Oud Affair Candle Black, Cedar Leaf Candle White, Turkish Rose Candle White, Luxe Leather Reed Diffuser Black, Kuro Orchid Reed Diffuser Black, Cherry Blossom Reed Diffuser Black By BHVNA London

True to fashion, these luxury scented candles by BHVNA London takes us on a journey across the world with their notes of exotic fruits, heady woody tones and oriental accords. First up we have the Kuro Orchid fragrance, which is an alluringly spicy and sensual scent. This fragrance has rich base notes of sandalwood, amber and Tonka, and finished with top notes of fresh bursts of ginger, pink pepper and coconut. This is a perfect scent for living rooms, bedrooms and hallways, and is ideal for those of us who prefer an intoxicating scent with a little kick of exotic spice.

From there we journey on to Turkey with the Turkish Rose fragrance, which is a beautiful combination of oriental floral scents. This fragrance has rich opulent notes of a scented bouquet of roses and is finished off with top notes of spice. The Turkish Rose fragrance is ideal for kitchens and is the perfect scent to set the scene in a dining room.

For a more intense and mystical aroma, we can go for the Oud Affair fragrance. A luxuriously oriental fragrance centred on the heart of oud, with a base tone of rich woody scents and top notes of saffron and warm spices. This is a beautiful, full bodied and intense fragrance which is perfect for living spaces and bedrooms. Both heady and intoxicating, this scent creates the perfect ambience and atmosphere for intimate rooms.

The Luxe Leather fragrance is a subtly rich and bold scent which has an air of dashing masculinity. Layered with luscious helpings of velvety suede, smoky leather and sandalwood, this fragrance is the ultimate dark indulgence. And the top notes of dark cedar help bring the luxury full circle with this fragrance. This is the ultimate candle for social living rooms and maybe even home offices. Luxe Leather allows us to create a captivating and daring atmosphere in our rooms, through the medium of fragrance.

Luxury Candles By BHVNA London, Style and Form Interior Design Blog

For a more feminine and sweeter scent, we can go over to Japan for a dose of the Cherry Blossom fragrance. This is a gorgeously hypnotic oriental fragrance with a sweet base of vanilla and patchouli finished off with top notes of pungent pink pepper, bitter orange and floral bergamot. Again this is the fragrance of choice for dining rooms and kitchens. And for those of us who prefer a sweeter scent, Cherry blossom is also perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.

Nature inspired atmospheres within our interiors are difficult to create, but the Cedar Leaf fragrance makes things that much easier for us. A fresh woody and herbaceous fragrance based on patchouli and moss, Cedar Leaf is a perfectly refreshing scent ideal for hallways and landings. This fragrance has top notes of thyme and rosemary making it an ideal choice for kitchens and dining rooms as well. For those of us who prefer a little scent to accompany us while we work, this scent is perfect for home offices and work spaces. It is a very versatile scent that is both fresh and energetic.

BHVNA London offers a range of three products: candles, reed diffusers and travel candles, in the six main fragrances. All candles are expertly hand crafted and hand poured to guarantee quality with every candle. The finest e-porex reed diffusers are used to ensure long lasting fragrance with absolutely no need to turn the reeds around. The entire collection is available in two distinct colourways, black and white, which makes these products perfectly beautiful, luxurious and high end décor pieces. These products will fit in seamlessly with any design style making these fragrances by BHVNA London the ultimate must have for any home.

Candles have always been used as statement decorative pieces and these candles by BHVNA London offer us both form and function. Not only do they hold their own as decor pieces but they also fill up our rooms with beautiful scents. Style them with vases and trays on kitchen counter tops or coffee tables. Hallway sideboards are perfect places to showcase a statement candle and it is usually one of first things people look at when entering our homes. Shelves are the most aesthetically pleasing places to style candles, as are bedside tables. Due to the versatility of these products they can be styled throughout the home and can move with us as we move from room to room.

To add that final touch of luxury and sophistication, a luxury fragrance is all that we need. An interior should be feast for all the senses not just the eyes. And a luxury fragrance is the cherry on top of the cake.

To shop BHVNA London’s full collection, click here.


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