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IKEA's New Middle Eastern Collection 2021

Updated: Apr 19

I was scrolling through IKEA's new collections for April 2021 and I came across a collection which surprised me a little. A pleasant surprise, but a surprise nonetheless. Middle Eastern inspired design isn't something you'd usually see in IKEA. They're two completely different design styles, Middle Eastern style being ornate, intricate and colourful and IKEA's style being Scandinavian inspired, minimal and simple. Yet somehow IKEA has managed to merge the two styles in their new collection, LJUVARE. And it is an absolute gorgeous collection.

So when I saw this collection, my mind naturally started buzzing with all kinds of ideas as to how I could make use of this collection. And Eid is the perfect occasion for this. As IKEA says themselves, "let a mix of earthy tones grace your table during this season’s festivities. With the LJUVARE collection, traditional Middle Eastern patterns meet modern Scandinavian design to celebrate loving moments."

Ranging from a selection of tableware to textiles, this collection is a beautiful pairing of Western and Eastern design. The gold metal look is right on trend for this year and well as the warm colour palette. The designers of this collection have managed to add in the intricacies of Middle Eastern design whilst still maintaining the look and style IKEA is famous for the world over.

So if you're like me and are looking to style up your home and dinner table for Eid, I recommend checking out this collection. The one thing I love the most about this collection is that this is a versatile collection, so whilst it will play its part in celebrations and festivities, it will also hold its own as statement pieces anytime throughout the year.

Below are my top five picks of the collection which I will most definitely be investing in.

Interior Design Blog, Ikea Tea Light Holder, LJUVARE

If you know me well, then you know that I have a slight obsession with candles and tea lights. So this stainless steel gold tea light holder from the LJUVARE collection is perfect for coffee tables, sideboards, mantles and obviously dining tables.

Style and Form Interior Design Blog, Ikea Pillow case, LJUVARE

Comfort is key when decorating for an occasion and pillows are the perfect way of adding softness and texture to a room. I absolutely love this beige embroidered cushion from the collection in luxurious cotton sateen. It's a beautiful statement cushion for window seats, sofas and floor seating. The collection also has other cushion covers as well and one is a gorgeous shade of orange. So if you're feeling brave with colour, the orange is the one for you.

Style and Form Interior Design Blog, Ikea Serving bowl, LJUVARE

Now if you're like me and you can't get enough of serving bowls, this one is for you. This is a unique piece with personality and most definitely a design statement. Eid is a time for sharing food and this bowl is perfect for baked treats, chocolates, nuts and more. It is available in two different sizes so you can mix and match to create a dynamic arrangement.

Ikea Kava Cups, LJUVARE, Style And Form Interior Design Blog

These kava cups are more in line with IKEA's design aesthetic, sleek and simple but still beautiful little pieces. They are stackable so they are easy to store and again very versatile. When not used for hot beverages you can use them for dipping sauces on grazing boards, mini chocolate fondue cups and more.

Ikea Serving Tray, LJUVARE, Style and Form Interior Design Blog

Serving stands are something I can't get enough of either, especially at Eid time when there's way to many things to put on the table but not enough space. Keeping in line with the gold theme, this serving stand is luxurious and sophisticated and the perfect way to highlight and showoff your treats.

The LJUVARE collection is an 18 piece collection, which as far as I'm aware is only available in store not online. But I am still a little surprised that IKEA have gone down this route of Middle Eastern inspired design and I can't wait to see what else they will be doing with this collection. Hope you all enjoy styling up your homes and dinner table this Eid. If you

All images are from IKEA.


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