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Starting off the year with a little bit of self promotion. I don't think I've mentioned this in much detail here on the blog. For those of you who are new here, I am actually an Interior Designer by trade and I offer a variety of design packages to suit everyone's personal needs.

Over time, i have found that people have different needs and they require and Interior Designer who is flexible. Not everyone is after a full all-inclusive Interior Design experience, sometimes you might just require some creative assistance to set you off on your design journey. I think Interior Design is quite a personal thing, especially residential design. Homeowners tend to want to enjoy the process of creating their own homes, adding their personal touches and just being quite hands on. So based on all this I have created a variety of packages which I believe covers all of these aspects.

Design Consultation

The quickest and cheapest design package that I offer. This packages is ideal for people who just want a little bit of creative direction from a design professional. It includes a discussion of the potential project, design style, colours, themes and furniture & fixtures. It also includes a complimentary Concept & Ideas board.

Room By Room Design

This design package covers the Interior Design side of a project. It is priced per room excluding kitchens. This package includes 2 weeks design time and communication and 1 Week Post Design Support. It also includes a Design Consultation, Concept & Ideas Board, Room Floor Plans, Key Products List and Setup & Styling Tips.

All Inclusive Design

This is a fully comprehensive Interior Design package and it's priced according to room size. This includes a Design Consultation, Ideas & Sample Boards, 2D & 3D Plans, Products List & Sourcing, Setup & Styling on site, 4 Weeks Design Time and Communication. To overlook the full project, pricing can be agreed separately based on a daily rate.

Room Restyle

This is the first of my two online design packages. This is completely online and includes a design consultation via email. It also includes Concept & Ideas Board, Products List, 1 Week Design Time & Communication, and Setup & Styling Tips.

Online Design

This is again completely online ideal for people after a quick Interior Design experience. Includes a Design Consultation Via Email, Concept & Ideas Board, 2D Floor Plans, Key Products Lists, 1 Week Design Time and Communication, Setup & Style Tips, 1 Week Post Design Support.

So that's a quick breakdown of my Design Packages for breakdown of prices, check out the Interior Design tab at the top or click here. If you've got any questions feel free to ask, either via social media or the contact page which you can access here.


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