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One of the popular trends of the recent years has been the rise of the colour grey. It seems like we've taken over by grey interiors, to the point where it now seems boring. Truth be told I am getting particularly tired of all the grey. When the grey trend first started out as the offshoot of Scandinavian and Minimalist design styles, it was a breath of fresh air. Everyone found grey to be inspiring and refreshing, a brand new look and feel.

But grey is now on it's way out, as well as white and monochrome interiors. Designers and brands are taking a step away from the cool neutrals and are now embracing the warmer colours. The colour palettes for the next few seasons are all embracing the natural colours, and beige is one of them. I know beige does seem very 90's and bland and most of us got rid of the beige to embrace the grey, but things have habit of repeating themselves in the design world.

We're beginning to see a shift towards warmer and softer interiors. Minimalism is being replaced by Maximalism and harsher lines are being replaced with sumptuous curves. It's all about embracing the natural world and blues and greens are being named colour of the year for 2020, and alongside this we have natural and skin tones being used more often.

Beige isn't just one colour. It is very versatile and the beige of the 90's is not the beige of 2020. It's not just one shade, we have a huge variety of gorgeous shades, both light and dark, warm and cold, and with varying depths and complexities. These are the colours that you can use to express your personality.

Pastels and beige is a perfect combination for a soft and romantic feel. Subtle pinks, greens and blues will work in beautiful harmony with the beige and will help create a new refreshed look. You can add a bit of edge to the room by adding in wooden furniture and leather upholstery. This will be keeping in with the natural theme and will reconnect you back to nature.

If you want a little bit more punch in your interiors the brick reds, dusky yellows, and burnt oranges will set you off right and will help you inject a bit of fiery personality into your space. For a more masculine and mid-century vibe, inject in pockets of dark blue, brown and black. This with leather and real wood design features will reinvent your space and add a little bit of interest back.

And for those of you that don't really feel like parting from the grey, you can add a touch of warm dark grey with the beige, to help create a modern and sophisticated vibe. Beige and grey can work well together if you balance each of them out perfectly. And a lot of new Scandinavian and Minimalist looks are now including a touch of beige.

So let me know what you think of beige. is it a yay or nay from you? Let me know in the comments or drop me a message on social media.

Kombucha by Behr

Biscuit Crumbs by Valspar

Taupe by Dulux

Shaded White by Farrow & Ball

White Tie by Farrow & Ball


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